Diane Renard

Specialist Details

Country : Australia
Location : Melbourne
Languages : English
Gender : Female


Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, Monash University, Melbourne
Postgraduate diploma in culinary studies The William Angliss Institute, Melbourne
Accredited Practicing Dietitian
LAccredited Practicing Nutritionist
Clinical Dietetics/Eating Disorder Specialist

Specialises in:

• Binge Eating Disorder
• Bulimia Nervosa
• Disordered eating (e.g. nocturnal eating, compulsive eating)
• Anorexia Nervosa, Other eating disorders
• Weight management
• Individualised meal plan
• Sports nutrition
• Medical Conditions: post-bariatric surgery Irritable bowel syndrome/FODMAPS, polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Metabolic syndrome and such

Diane Rennard


Throughout her life Diane has maintained a keen interest in and passion for food and its relationship to health and disease. Her love of food and nutrition led her to undertake the Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at Monash University. Diane’s has an extensive knowledge of food spanning all cultures and trained in cookery and culinary studies at The William Angliss Institute, Melbourne.

Diane’s key area of expertise is working with Binge-Eating Disorder and the rest of Eating Disorders across the entire spectrum. She worked exclusively as Dietitian and Senior Clinician for the Mandometer Clinic in Melbourne a behaviour based treatment model developed at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm Sweden. Through her training at the Karolinska Institute and working in her role of a Senior Dietitian at The Melbourne Clinic, as well as in Melbourne-based sports medicine centre, she has developed a sound understanding of healthy eating, eating disorders and their treatment. Diane successfully transfers her experience into her private consulting, whilst working with individual clients and their families, both face to face and telehealth.

Working collaboratively with her clients, Diane provides a sensible and staged advice and management plan about food and nutrition. She can assist with dispelling food myths of carb-free or fat-free diets and such, and popular information commonly found in the media.

Diane believes “You are how you eat”. When assisting client’s with weight management Diane uses a non-dieting approach with a focus on eating behaviour and normalising eating, in doing so clients learn how to respond to their body’s natural cues of hunger and satiety and to develop a healthier relationship with food.