Dr Mariann Jackson

Specialist Details

Country : Australia
Location : Newcastle
Languages : English
Gender : Female


Bachelor Science (Hons Class I) University of Newcastle 1993
PhD Newcastle University, Department of Physiology School of Medicine and Public Health 1999
MBBS, University of Sydney 2003
General Adult Psychiatry 2016
Psychiatry of Old Age Certificate 2017
Member of AHPRA
Member of International Psychogeriatric Association
Member of AADPA (Australian ADHD Professionals Association)
Member of CAADRA (Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance

Specialises in:

Psychiatry of Old Age
Anxiety Disorders (Generalised and Social Anxiety)
Mood Disorders (BPAD, Depression and Mania)
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Dementia (Diagnosis and management of behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia)

Mariann Jackson


Dr Jackson is a Newcastle trained Psychiatrist who grew up in the Hunter Region of NSW. She has experience in assessing and managing complex mental illness in both the public and private health sector. Her clinical interests include Old Age Psychiatry, ADHD, Mood and Anxiety disorders.

Dr Jackson obtained her experience having practiced psychiatry in hospitals and community teams in Newcastle, Taree, Cairns and Gold Coast.

She has worked in private practice in Newcastle for five years and has recently commenced a Psychogeriatrician role with the Manning Aged Care team.

Adding great value to ADHD-BED Integrated® team, Dr Jackson represents a unique knowledge of neurobiology, psychiatric co-morbidities and cognitive performance – all essential diagnostic components when addressing ADHD in adults and ageing population.

Dr Jackson is based in Newcastle and enjoys time with her family and dogs. She is an avid snow skier and enjoys hiking.

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