Matt Bruce

Clinical Psychologist

Specialist Details

Country : Australia
Location : Melbourne
Languages : English
Gender : Male


Master of Clinical Psychology, La Trobe University 2009
Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Psychology, La Trobe University 2003
Bachelor of Science (Major in Psychology), University of Melbourne 2001
Member of APS with Clinical Endorsement
Member of AHPRA

Specialises in:

• Adult ADHD psychological treatment and coaching
• Anxiety disorders (Social and Generalised Anxiety, OCD)
• Mood difficulties associated with Adult ADHD
• Health behaviour change (nutrition, activity, rest, medication management)
• Stress management, relaxation, practical meditation strategies
• Relationship difficulties and communication skills
• Adjustment to change

Matt Bruce


As a Clinical Psychologist with 12 years of experience, Matt offers:
– A natural and genuine style of communication.
– Flexibility to fit the different expectations and needs of different people.
– Confidence to reassure people past the initial nerves of seeing psychologist.

Matt has ADHD. He was diagnosed as an adult and he’s happily open about it. He has found his wellbeing and life satisfaction have improved significantly since the diagnosis.

Matt grew up in country Victoria but has been based in Melbourne since moving for university. With almost 15 years of marriage and two delightful daughters in primary school, he understands the challenges and rewards of family life. He’s had the privilege of travelling to almost 30 countries and maintains an active lifestyle with curiosity for the world and the people in it.

The combination of his professional skills, life experience and ADHD diagnosis provide Matt a rare degree of insight into years of feeling overwhelmed by the invisible barriers created by ADHD.

Matt provides Clinical Psychology based ADHD coaching to help people to:
– Gain freedom from misinformation and unfair stigma.
– Navigate the maze of the healthcare system when exploring a diagnosis.
– Communicate to others about having ADHD.
– Feel supported to trial various treatments and medications.
– Adjust study, work and relationships.
– Overcome challenges to having ADHD in our modern world.
– Recognise and harness rare personal strengths thanks to ADHD.

Matt aims to help people achieve a broad sense of health and wellbeing, beyond just management of symptoms. He has previously worked as a gym instructor and trained as a meditation teacher. He adjusts his therapy approach to find the balance between clinical practice guidelines and the preferences of individuals.

His therapeutic skills include:
– Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), used as a base framework, which his experience allows him to apply it in a natural manner woven into discussions.
– Mindfulness and acceptance strategies from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).
– Emotion regulation strategies from Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT).
– Trauma processing skills from Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT).
– Schema Therapy to enable a deeper focus on the longer term emotional and relational difficulties that some people have experienced.