Emotional Regulation Specialist

Emotional Regulation Specialist

Services include:

    Help with emotional dysregulation
    Correction of impulsivity and self-destructive behaviours
    Correction of personality-related problems
    Dialectic-Behavioural Therapy
    Wait time: 4 weeks

At different times, throughout the history of ADHD evolving as a modern diagnosis, its cognitive, emotional and personality dimensions were often seen as components of one condition.

There is a strong association between ADHD and emotional dysregulation (approximately 30%). The latter includes negative emotional responses, affective lability, over-reactivity, interpersonal struggle. ADHD and emotional dysregulation are also linked to impulsivity and risk-taking behaviours. As a result, they involve compulsive and excessive food intake (binge-eating) and substance use often leading to addiction issues.

The dimensions of emotional dysregulation and impulsivity are often interpreted as symptoms of personality disorders (including Borderline Personality Disorder). Research shows that people with ADHD who suffer emotional dysregulation or co-morbid personality disorder progressively improve in all symptom domains, during the course of their ADHD-directed treatment.

Be it part of the ADHD-spectrum or separate co-morbidity, emotional dysregulation and impaired impulse control represent a major problem and challenge affecting people’s lives. They require close therapeutic attention and respond well to a structured psychotherapeutic approach such as dialectic behavioural therapy framework, mindfulness CBT and others.

Our experienced Emotional Regulation Specialist will support you in your personal transformation journey.

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