General Practitioner

General Practitioner

Services include:

    Initial assessment and care planning
    Referral to ADHD psychiatrist and psychologist
    Treatment of ADHD, disordered eating and others
    Medications prescriptions and supervision
    Coordinating your healthcare team ( psychiatrist, psychologist, dietician and others)
    Mental Health Care Plan, Eating Disorders Plan
    Promoting your optimal physical and mental health
    Wait time: 2 weeks

Our  experienced family doctor (GP) is a pivot in accessing comprehensive treatment for ADHD Eating Disorder and other mental health co-morbidities. Your initial assessment with our GP is essential in generating a referral to ADHD Psychologist and Psychiatirst, and other providers (e.g. dietician). Whilst waiting to be formally assessed by a Psychiatirst, without wasting any precious time, you may already commence your sessions with ADHD-specialised Psychologist and Dietitian, working on planning or strengthening your daily and monthly schedules, optimising sleep hygiene and meal regulations, addressing other co-morbidities, e.g. anxiety symptoms, habitual disorder (skin picking, nail biting), addiction; restless legs (RLS), migraine, teeth clenching ( TMJD) and other physical health challenges often present in people with ADHD.

ADHD and Binge and Other Eating Disorders (BED) present a major burden to people’s physical health. These conditions often involve co-morbid addiction to alcohol and substances, and related complications to many organs and systems. Regular physical health monitoring is a key component in maintaining stable remission from ADHD and BED, and optimal health and performance in study, career and life in general.

Your family doctor oversees your regular health checks and your medications, as well as provides skilled and timely management of other medical co-morbidities, lifestyle habits and health needs, age-related transitions, family planning, pregnancy and other related support. Your doctor is your best support who keeps you connected with other health professionals.

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