Dr Cameron Martin

Specialist Details

Country : Australia
Location : Melbourne
Languages : English
Gender : Male


B.Med (Hons)
B.Comm (Hons)

Specialises in:

Mental health
Anxiety disorders

Dr Cameron Martin_adhd-bed_integrated


An experienced GP who practices at ADHD-BED clinic.

Dr Cameron could have ended up working at Treasury, after graduating from Melbourne University with an honours degree in Commerce, but he chose to go back to study something that would allow him to help people more directly. Medicine—particularly general practice—has given him the opportunity to do what he most loves, which is hearing people’s stories and helping them. “There’s never a dull day, and it’s always stimulating.”

Cameron completed his Bachelor of Medicine with Honours in 2002 from Newcastle University. He obtained his Fellowship in General Practice in 2006.

Cameron appreciates being free to practise medicine the way it ought to be practised—working together with patients on the best treatment for them. If he hadn’t specialised in general practice, Cameron would most likely have chosen psychiatry, because helping people with mental health problems is a part of medicine he enjoys the most.

Cameron has a special interest in paediatrics as well as antenatal care.

Cameron runs half marathons but doesn’t like the gym. A father of three, he loves taking his son and daughters camping, hiking, and plane spotting at the Tullamarine perimeter fence.

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