Services include:

    Diagnostic assessment
    Medications recommendations
    Schedule 8 medications – optional support
    Multidisciplinary care planning
    Work&Study support
    Wait time: 2-3 weeks

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Binge- and other Eating Disorders (BED) demonstrates strong co-morbidity with alcohol and illicit substance use, impulsivity and emotional dysregulation (which is frequently linked to personality disorders), insomnia and mood disorders. These symptoms and conditions are often combined in one way or another, in the same person.

Our expert psychiatrist group are highly-aware of the above conditions and of the benefits of addressing person’s unique and often complex presentation over an attempt to explain identified symptoms with one condition which typically could result in the unsatisfactory treatment of only one isolated problem. Our psychiatrists offer comprehensive assessment across all symptom domains which in many people expand beyond the affected ability to focus, concentrate and study or beyond their eating behaviours.

An individually designed treatment plan may include medications which have an evidence-base for ADHD and/or Eating Disorder. Most importantly, all of our psychiatrists closely collaborate with the multidisciplinary team of providers who will support you in your staged treatment and management plan. This approach will allow you to address your personal and interpersonal effectiveness; self-awareness and emotional intelligence, study, work and career performance, nutrition and meal planning and optimal lifestyle, all instrumental for to your self-efficacy and success in life.

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