Dr Julie Wehbe

Specialist Details

Country : Australia
Location : Melbourne
Languages : English
Gender : Female


General Medicine & Paediatrics 1997
Master of Psychology 1998
General Psychiatry & Child Psychiatry 2002
Executive Master of Business Administration 2016
Member of AHPRA
Member of AADPA (Australian ADHD Professionals Association)

Specialises in:

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Binge Eating Disorder (BED), Bulimia Nervosa (BN)
Other Eating Disorders
Anxiety Disorders (OCD, Generalised and Social Anxiety)
Impulse Control Disorders, Addiction and other Comorbidities to the above conditions
High performance in students and career professionals
Academic and Career Support and Coaching



Based in Melbourne, Dr Julie Wehbe maintains her multifaceted international profile across the healthcare and business sectors. Her 20+ years of psychiatrist practice extend Australia-wide and overseas coverage supporting professionals both in their home countries and abroad. Dr Wehbe is a founder of ADHD-BED Integrated® Clinic offering a comprehensive treatment for ADHD, Binge-Eating Disorder and related conditions to people in Australia, Canada and other countries.

Dr Julie Wehbe has been practicing psychiatry in Australia since 2005. During this time, she has held a range of senior medical positions, including medical administration, mental health services and teaching.

Dr Wehbe’s qualifications include Master’s Degree in Medicine, Specialist degrees in Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry, Master’s Degree in Psychology, Executive Master of Business Administration from the world-ranked International School for Management Development (IMD), (Switzerland). Her current commitments include Australian Medical Association Council Representative, Avant Advisory Membership Forum, Victorian Medico-Legal Group, International and Australian ADHD professional associations, and Melbourne IMD Alumni Club (president).

In her clinical practice, Dr Wehbe specialises in working with patients who are professionals, business people, and career-pursuing students. Her clinical interests include: ADHD, Binge Eating and other Eating disorders, Mood and Anxiety disorders. Dr Wehbe’s niche expertise is in fitness, nutrition and health restoration as well as personal performance building.

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