Services include:

    Binge-eating behaviour modification
    Meal plan management
    Diet and lifestyle regulation
    Building nutrition awareness
    Wait time: 2 weeks

Food provides nutrients for our activities, growth, and functioning. In a modern developed society food is expected to be enjoyable and burden-free, often carrying a social component in shared meals in our family or circles of friends.

There is often a thin line between  disordered eating and eating disorders. Disordered eating may include some or all symptoms from well-known eating disorders but lack consistency and distress to the person or their environment, i.e. not extend to the stage of disorder. Disordered eating may present as restricted or selective eating, overeating, binge-eating, and weight-compensatory behaviours e.g. purging or using laxatives.

Binge-Eating Disorder and Bulimia Nervosa are associated with the compulsive consumption of large quantities of food, even in the absence of hunger. E.g., nowadays this became a common problem during so-called “intermittent fasting”, i.e. consuming all daily food (and much more) between 3pm and 10pm (and later). Bulimia Nervosa also includes self-induced purging as the main weight-compensatory behaviour.

Eating disorders are usually marked by poor awareness of food choices, nutritional value and optimal quantities. Most importantly, the relationship with food is affected by the frequent sense of guilt and secrecy revolving around eating itself, which makes our relationship with food adverse and unnatural.

The impulsive nature of Bulimia Nervosa, Binge-Eating Disorder and sometimes Anorexia Nervosa, links it with other adverse habits and addictions, e.g. excessive alcohol or caffeine consumption.

Your dietitian will support you in gaining an understanding of your existing eating habits and will help you gain a healthy relationship with food. Together with the dietitian, you will develop a dynamic grocery shopping habit, as well as your own meal plan, which you will be able to self-navigate in the future and tailor it to your work and study commitments, physical activities, and sports.

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