Carly Harris

Specialist Details

Country : Australia
Location : Armadale, Victoria
Languages : English
Gender : Female


BSc Applied Nutrition and Food Science
Grad Dip. Dietetics

Specialises in:

Eating Disorders:
Anorexia Nervosa
Bulimia Nervosa
Binge-Eating Disorder
EDNOS and Other eating disorders

ADHD-related disordered eating:
• Impulsive Eating
• Weight loss
• Weight gain
• Weight restoration
• Support for chaotic eating

Harris Carly


I am a dietitian, based in Melbourne. In the last 26 years, being a dietitian has taken me on a wonderful journey experiencing the colourful and complex nature of well-being.

I started working as a clinical dietitian at Cabrini hospital where my nutrition advice was very much about managing acute illness. The conditions that put people in hospital for surgery and life long medical management are largely prevented by healthy living. Working in a hospital created a burning desire in me to teach people the skills to live a long healthy life.

Setting up my private practice began my journey to reach as many people as possible. This has led me to doing food presentations and workshops in corporations, schools and fitness centres. I also work one on one with individuals and closely with people suffering mild to extreme eating disorders.

The statistics of ill-health in our country are shocking. As a population we are in desperate need of advice on how to eat and live well. To many people knowing how to live a sustainable, balanced, healthy lifestyle is confusing.

Prioritising your health is a process of understanding yourself, making sense of your life experience and finding what inspires you.

Happy, wholesome living is not about rules, trends, superfoods or cutting things out. Balance and incorporating whole, “great value” nutrient rich foods that make us feel good is a major part of the answer.

Being well and optimally nourished is, of course, a lot about food and what we consume, but it is also as much to do with how we approach what we eat, our thoughts and beliefs and our experience.

My role as an educator and facilitator working with well and unwell people has continued to diversify my tool box. Knowing how to balance food choices, understanding how to make them convenient to your  unique situation, becoming mindful of negative thoughts and practices along with the skills to overcome these, creates balanced living.

Balanced living for you might involve overcoming an eating disorder, feeling great through optimising your body’s nutritional status, managing a health scare, improving your performance, or looking after your family members’ individual needs. I understand the juggle of healthy, balanced eating and busy living. I love to cook meals that are great value, a breeze to whip up and something kids will eat too. I also love to make eating out healthy too.

It’s my business to help you feel excited, inspired, energised, interested, and connected in the way you live your life.

My aim is to dispel the confusion and provide evidence based and easy to understand advice that will assist you in making the best lifestyle choices.

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