Dr Tessa King

Specialist Details

Country : Australia
Location : Melbourne
Languages : English
Gender : Female



Specialises in:

Mental health
Women’s Health
Exercise and nutrition

Dr Tessa King_adhd-bed_integrated


Tess graduated from Deakin University Medical School in 2012. She worked and trained for three years as a hospital and emergency doctor at the Austin and Monash Health before moving into general practice. She has completed a post-graduate certificate in Emergency Medicine and in 2019 she gained her Fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practice.

Tess has completed extra training in ADHD, mental health, eating disorders and women’s health. In addition to her interest in ADHD and co-morbid eating disorders, Tess has a special interest in female hormones and their effect on mood and cognitive function during the different phases of the menstrual cycle, post partum and during perimenopause/menopause. She is passionate about supporting patients with ADHD and eating disorders in all phases of their life and transforming their quality of life through evidence based mindfulness, nutrition, exercise, allied health and medication. When she’s not working, Tess enjoys spending time with her family, doing CrossFit, hiking and skiing.

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