Our paediatricians:

    assessment and diagnosis (ADHD, ASD, other disorders)
    treatment (ADHD, ASD, other disorders)
    medications prescriptions
    family-focused support
    monitoring general health and growth
    support in disability and NDIS applications
    coordinating multidisciplinary team (child psychiatrist, psychologist, dietician, mental health nurse)
    Wait time: 2 weeks

Paediatrician is a doctor who takes an active part in overseeing and managing child’s growth, health and development.

Development problems are often linked to ADHD, ASD (autism spectrum disorder), eating disorders, and other mental health aspects. In such a case, paediatrician is able to initiate necessary assessment and treatment, e.g. medications, straight away. Paediatrician can often replace a combination of general practitioner and child psychiatrist for your child.

If you noticed in your child any of the following signs of ADHD, ASD and other conditions: hyperactivity, day dreaming, social withdrawal, sadness, fallout with peers, school problems and school refusal, delays in speaking, reading or comprehending, decline in academic performance – is important to get timely assessment by a paediatrician. Paediatrician specialised in behavioural and neurodevelopmental disorders, must be readily accessible, to provide timely interventions and support your child via multi-disciplinary team who will make your child strive and develop.

You can see our paediatricians via Telehealth or face to face, as suits you and your child.

Our paediatricians never close their books for new patients.

Our paediatricians take care of your child transition into adulthood and to adult care team (GP or psychiatrist).

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