Dr Pei Lim

Specialist Details

Country : Australia
Location : SA
Languages : English
Gender : Female


MSc Psychiatry

Specialises in:

Adult psychiatry
Psychosis, mood disorders and anxiety disorders
Medico-legal reports
Psychiatric rehabilitation
Interest in adult ADHD

Dr Pei Lim


Dr Lim graduated from the University of Adelaide and received specialist training in general and forensic psychiatry in the UK. Upon her return to Australia, she worked in various psychiatric settings in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. She has extensive experience in recovery-oriented practice and enjoys working collaboratively with her patients to maximise their potential in life.

Having joined ADHD-BED Integrated®, Dr Lim contributes with her international expertise in addressing broad issues around ADHD, impulse-control disorders and other risk-taking behaviours and how all of them are linked to safety, quality of life and general wellbeing of our client.

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