Dr Tina Thomas

Specialist Details

Country : Australia
Location : Melbourne
Languages : English, Malayalam
Gender : Female


MBBS, 2000, Monash University
MPM, Monash University

Specialises in:

• Psychosis
• Mood disorders (BPAD, Depression, Mania, anxiety disorders)
• ADHD diagnosis
• Diagnostic clarification of mood dysregulation/ Borderline Personality Disorder

Dr Tina Thomas


Dr Tina Thomas is a Melbourne trained Psychiatrist, who grew up in Northwest Melbourne. She has extensive experience in assessing and managing complex and severe mental illness in the public health sector as well as high prevalence disorders such as depression and anxiety in both the public and private sector.

She has a holistic approach to understanding her patients’ presentations and is passionate about empowering her patients with the knowledge and tools they need to understand their difficulties and effectively optimise and maintain their recovery. Tina is also involved in teaching and supervising Psychiatry trainees as well as RANZCP examinations. She currently holds a clinical leadership position in a major metropolitan tertiary hospital.